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Ambition vs. Discipline

Ambition pushes you to reach higher while discipline keeps you on the ground. I constantly struggle with balancing these two, mostly lacking discipline. It’s easy to be ambitious but lose discipline - after all talk is cheap. So here’s what has helped me to stay on earth while being ambitious. Don’t start with ambition. Start with discipline. Bottom up approach. Don’t start with a high and lofty goal - look inwards and figure out how much you are willing to work, and I mean serious work, to make something happen. A hobby, a side-project, a trip, an event… try with the smallest thing and put all you have into it. Does it make you happy to devote your entire energy to make something happen ? There’s no monetary return to make this thing happen - just simply the fact you’ve made it happen and you are proud of it should be enough motivation. If you don’t like it, chances are you need to work on your discipline. Gradually push yourself to be more ambitious. This may not be a problem fo