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Running a corporate company like a sports team

Inspired by Kai Havertz’ two penalties (he missed the first one but redeemed himself on the second) today against Dortmund in the Champions League, here is a new jumbo mumbo piece.   DRI (Direct Responsible Individual) is the default. Havertz has been designated as the penalty kicker for Chelsea in this match. He is responsible for executing a penalty kick if he is on the field; no one else, including the captain or manager, will take the penalty. Havertz was likely selected as the penalty kicker based on his skill as the most capable penalty kicker on the team [1]. When a handball was ruled in Dortmund's penalty box, Havertz stepped up to take the penalty for Chelsea. Unfortunately, he hit the post on his first attempt. However, he was given another chance as some Dortmund players had entered the box too early. Felix and Sterling, two of Havertz's teammates, looked at him and gave him the ball again. Havertz took the penalty again, using the same exact style, and this time