Are you having fun

Are you having fun?

What’s fun for you? Traveling, reading, playing sports? What’s your definition of fun? Doing something that excites you? Doing something that makes you feel good? 

Some people talk about having fun like a waste of time. There’s nothing more motivating than having fun. The dopamine release keeps you going and going. What else would you rather do at this moment? Nothing.

If every hour of your life is having fun, you have a great life, my friend. 

Don’t worry. Have fun.

Oh by the way, there’s always going to be more fun other people are having, at least from your perspective - from all the smiles they had in those instagram posts. You are not having their fun, and their fun looks more fun than yours.

So you work hard to make more money to have the fun you saw your friend had. You finally afford it. But no, you see your other friend having a different fun! You are no longer having fun anymore. All you think about is how do I afford that fun? You work harder this time. Again and again, the loop continues. There will always be more and better fun that I can have, if I work harder!

Turns out, you never had any fun, all you did was work hard to afford the fun that never happened. 

So take a moment to actually have fun.


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